Mata Leon’s dedication to its athletes results in an over 80% chance of entering a top promotion. You will see powerful results with our representation.

Mata Leon is the most successful MMA management company in guiding fighters early in their careers all the way to the top. We are a boutique firm having never managed more than 20 fighters at a time.

Founded in 2009, we learned the most important focus an agent needs is to help their fighters get the ultimate goal, a belt. To that end we became not only agents, but life coaches.



We’ve helped our fighters with finding the right supplemental training, sparring partners, mind techniques, meditation, personal training, diet, and whatever is needed to walk this narrow road to the top. Our management style is very time intensive, we are always available for a call. This forces us to be very selective who we work with, as we can only carry a limited number of fighters to success. Our goal is not to make it, but to become champions. You aren’t just another name on the roster, we spend every day planning and creating a path that will end in the best outcome for your career.
No other management firm can boast the success we have had. We develop and create at Mata Leon. We don’t wait for your success, we lead you and avoid the pitfalls, as we’ve done this so many times before. We build long term relationships together, as we know our goals are a long path.
Near 80% (25/32), or 4/5 of Mata Leon fighters have at least had a shot to make it to the next level, and we still have some prospects making their way. By signing with us you can feel confident all you need to do is train hard, we will take care of the rest.


# of fighters managed since 2009

32 – None have had more than 5 fights when they started with us.

Of those 32, their highest level reached:

12 UFC fighters
3 Bellator contracted fighters
4 PFL fighters
4 Co-main/main on Dana White LFAF



2 Fighters made top 5 in the UFC
2 Fighters made top 10 in Bellator
1 Fighter fought for a UFC belt
2 On TUF
3 LFA/RFA/LFC belts